Salt Water Generators Damage Pool Equipment

by Pool Builders on 10-14-2007 in Articles

Salt water generators are often sold under the guise of being "better" than chlorine systems. However, salt water generators actually make chlorine through an electrolysis process that converts salt to chlorine (hydrochloric acid). In essence, they are the same thing. With salt water generators, you don't have to go out and buy the chlorine every week or so to add to your pool, allowing it to come into physical contact with your skin in that concentrated form. You have to purchase salt, but you are still ultimately adding chlorine to your swimming pool water.

Salt water generators are not the best option you can choose to ensure your swimming pool stays clean and free from bacteria, algae, dust, pollen, viruses, and skin oils and lotions. Chlorine-free and chemical-free cleaning methods are available. Ionic water purification systems and natural oxidation processes are much more environmentally and skin-friendly than salt water generators.

The chlorine released into your swimming pool from salt water generators can prove corrosive and detrimental to your pool equipment. Components of your pool equipment, both internal and external, can be damaged from the abrasive chemical effects of salt and chlorine.

Chlorine is also known to trigger asthma reactions, especially in children. Chlorine has been linked to rectal and bladder cancers and heart disease. When you immerse your body into these chemical abrasives produced through salt water generators, you are opening your body up for several possible ill health effects. The chlorine can get into your skin from your skin's surface and can also be ingested internally by accidentally swallowing a mouthful of swimming pool water.

Backwash from salt water generators or splash-outs can also cause harm to decorative rock formations you may have created for aesthetically pleasing purposes, not to mention killing any nearby vegetation. In fact, splash-outs of chemically treated pool water from salt water generators have been known to damage the soil enough so that a living organism won't be able to grow in that spot again.

Chlorine, whether manually added to pool water or produced through salt water generators, can irritate and burn your eyes and turn them red. Chlorine can burn your throat and lungs when you breathe in chlorine fumes.

With salt water generators using chlorine as a chemical killer of bacteria and algae, it also dries out your skin. When you exit the swimming pool, you are advised to shower and rinse off immediately to get the possible contaminants off your skin and away from your body.

Why deal with all these problems brought about by using chemicals to clean your pool when there are other alternatives available? Natural alternatives, such as ionic water purifying systems that use copper ions to clean your water, are much healthier for you and easier on the environment. When you add natural oxygen to the process for water oxidation purposes, the choice becomes even clearer. The pool water that results from an ionic water and natural oxygen process is much safer for your body and it won't taste bad or be detrimental to your health if you happen to swallow a mouthful of pool water.

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