Salt Water Swimming Pool Maintenance - Tips to Keep it Running Well

by Pool Builders on 04-29-2009 in Articles

More and more people are learning the advantages of having a salt water swimming pool system. However, these types of pools have there own sets of issues that are fairly different from owning a typical pool. In addition, salt water swimming pool maintenance, or any type of pool for that matter, can be a very frustrating experience for the owner, because they're just not sure how to take care of it properly. Luckily, it doesn't need to be expensive or tiring any longer.

Common Problems Salt Water Pools Face

  • "Run Away" Chlorine If the water isn't tested and balanced properly we come across an issue called run away chlorine. The chlorine created by the salt can actually damage certain parts of your swimming pool. For example, if not kept an eye on, chlorine can dissolve the heat exchange in your heater. Testing and balancing is very important for this reason.
  • Rain If you live in an area where rainfall is very high, you'll need to monitor the salt level more closely. Rain pushes the salt out of the pool water, and because of this you'll more than likely need to add more salt than what may have been originally recommended.
  • Calcium Build Up Salt attracts calcium. This is especially true for plaster pools. Because of this scaling on the surface of the water is rather common.

In addition to the problems above, because pools are an open water system they are highly susceptible to environmental influences such as algae, viruses, bacteria and so on.

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