Salt Water Swimming Pools Are Sources of Comfort and Refreshing Environment

by Pool Builders on 05-18-2011 in Articles

If you are planning on constructing a swimming pool, instead of going with the conventional types of it, check out what saltwater types of swimming pools have in store for you. This type is not only popular because of its distinct design and the unique use of saltwater on swimming pools, it is also famous for being a pool that is environment friendly and a safer version of our traditional pools.

Saltwater swimming pools and the use of saltwater chlorination originated in Australia where it is famous as a method of disinfecting water without using chemical on large quantities. The cost of chemical products when totaled for the whole year can break the bank as regular chemical consumption is based on the size of the pool. So basically, the larger the pool is, the more chemicals are needed which will mean a significant increase in your expenses. Contrary to that, saltwater pools can greatly minimize your expenses on chemical usage and when summed up and compared with conventional swimming pools, the process of saltwater chlorination and its design proves to be much more affordable in the long run.

Basically, installing a new saltwater swimming pool is the only expensive part of owning this type and distinct water system. Most owners of these types find themselves enjoying not only the relaxation, comfort and the healthy pool experience, they are also happy with the large amount they get to save by cutting the total chemical consumption into less than a half of what conventional swimming pools use in order to acquire and maintain a clean, clear and disinfected water. Imagine how much you can save after several years of not using too much chemicals on your pool.

Unlike the conventional pools that use many different types of chemical products to disinfect swimming pools and most importantly its water, saltwater pools instead use the process of saltwater chlorination in order to fend off the harmful microorganisms and bacteria present on pool waters. This process uses dissolved salt for its chlorination system to be broken down by electrolysis in order to achieve the chemical reaction to produce certain agents responsible for keeping your pool water safe.

This type of pool also offers a comfortable experience as swimmers will not have any type of skin and eye irritations as chloramines are not present on saltwater pools. Chloramines are what cause irritations commonly produced by chemicals used on pool waters. These irritants are also responsible for the caustic smell and the burning eyes experience on conventional pools especially when larger quantities of chemicals are used on these swimming pools. The saltwater chlorination and its electrolysis process breaks and eliminate chloramines during the whole process that is why these types of pools usually lack these elements on their water. In addition to that, salt on water is softer than chemicals on the skin which makes any swimming experience pleasurable and relaxing as well. Saltwater chlorination makes up for the little regular consumption of chemicals on this type of swimming pool.

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