Salt water chlorinator- Assuring a Safe Swimming Season  

by Pool Builders on 01-18-2012 in Articles

With the commencement of the summer season, everyone prefers to be in or around the swimming pool. Hanging out at the pool or the beach in hot summer season is a great way to beat the heat. Besides, swimming is also reckoned to be a favorable water activity, owing to the potent health benefits that it offers. Between having fun and checking out the lowered cholesterol levels, several individuals forget about water safety. For attaining maximum benefits from swimming, it is highly important to keep the water of swimming pool clean and free from germs. To eliminate all the infectious elements from the swimming pool, pool owners can install ©lectrolyseur au sel.

©lectrolyseur au sel is a power driven device, which assures optimum cleaning of the pool water. Operating on the principle of salt water chlorination, this device is capable of removing all impurities than can cause deterioration of the swimming pool water. Eliminating all the possibilities of pool water contamination, this device sanitizes the pool water making it safe for swimming. Hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite are used as two prominent cleansing agents.

A operates on the process of electrolysis to break down salt which results in production of these two cleansing chemicals. With the use of this device, pool owners can not only maintain a safe swimming pool without any hassles but also cut on the sanitization costs. Unlike conventional chlorination processes, a salt water chlorinator is highly energy-efficient and durable.

The overall process of pool water sanitization using this efficient device is environment friendly as this chlorinator does not makes use of any harsh chemicals. In addition, ©lectrolyseur au sel is capable of maintaining an optimum level of chlorine in the water; thus, the problems of burning eyes, skin irritation and bad odor are completely eliminated. Easy to maintain, these chlorinators are built-in with automated cleansing capacity, which means that pool owners do not have to uninstall these devices for getting them cleaned.

Another efficient device widely used for swimming pool water cleaning is an ©lectrolyseur piscine. Like the ©lectrolyseur au sel, an ©lectrolyseur piscine also works on the process of electrolysis to make the pool water clean and free from germs. This energy-efficient device functions without the use of any harsh chemicals or salts to minimize the production of microbes developing in the pool water. Needless to say, both these devices with their efficient sanitization performance make swimming to be healthier and an enjoyable experience.

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