Saltwater Swimming Pool - Great Benefits

by Pool Builders on 05-18-2011 in Articles

Swimming pools are hot spots regularly visited by many tourists and locals on vacations especially during the summer when the heat of the sun is striking at its highest. Owning a swimming pool gives you the privilege to have fun without going out of your place. However, there are many things to consider when owning a swimming pool such as the chemicals used, the cost of the construction, regular maintenance fee and many more. That is why saltwater swimming pools were developed to cut off the cost and give a safer feeling and experience during and after plunging into the refreshing waters of the pool.

Saltwater pools are popular because of their non-chemical usage for the disinfecting of the pool water. How can a swimming pool maintain its health as well as its crystal clear water when the use of chemical products such as chlorine and pool shock is disregarded? This is due to the process of electrolysis that breaks down the dissolved salt added on the water in return producing two important sanitizers which are hypochlorous acid (HCIO) and sodium hypochlorite (NaCIO). Conventional pools use both of these sanitizing agents on their water thanks to the use of chemicals such as chlorine that contains them. Saltwater pools use chlorine generators in order to achieve saltwater chlorination on these environment friendly pools.

Unlike conventional swimming pools, this type of pool is 100% guaranteed safe in terms of its effect on the medical condition of any swimmer. The use of chemical products on pools result to the commonly experienced skin and eye irritations of most swimmers as the chemicals can affect and cause reactions on the skin and eyes, especially when used on larger quantities. Experts point out that constant exposure to any kind of chemicals can affect the medical condition of any person whether they are healthy or not. Cancers are always associated on many factors that cause them, especially with the frequent or regular exposure to chemicals. Swimming pool water contains large amount of different chemical products as a way of keeping it clean and clear in order to make it visually appealing and healthy to plunge into. However, it produces many side effects from mild to serious health problems such as reactions on the skin and eyes, causes asthma and emphysema, as well as affecting the fertility of any individual. Saltwater swimming pools see to it that any swimmer gets the total package of fun and health that is why the chemical-free pool was developed.

Contrary to the belief that this type of swimming pool costs fortune as compared to the conventional pools, saltwater pools when viewed on a larger scale is much more affordable and practical than its counterparts. Imagine saving tons and tons of chemicals for the coming years which can be very expensive when summed up. Pool experts say that the total amount you can save when opting for a saltwater swimming pool is less than a half of the cost compared to what you will spend with pool maintenance on conventional pools.

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