Saltwater Swimming Pool Vs Chlorine Swimming Pools

by Pool Builders on 02-24-2013 in Articles

Have you been looking for a healthy way to sanitize your swimming pool? Trying to decide between chlorine and salt water systems?The answer is simple. Neither is a winner if you are looking for a healthier way to sanitize your swimming pool.They are pretty much equal. You will still be swimming in chlorine. Because salt systems make chlorine from the salt. Due to the constant delivery of fresh chlorine salt water pools do appear to be superior.You will not smell or feel the burning effect of the chlorine, but it is still there. If you are concerned about your health and the dangers of chlorine those systems are equal.

There are systems like ionizers, ozone, and UV that claim to be chemical free yet are not. Those systems may reduce your chlorine consumption.But they still require chemicals for oxidation or residual protection in your swimming pool.There are quite a few of these options to reduce your family's risk from exposure to toxic chemicals but few to eliminate the need for chemicals in your pool.

Dont be fooled by ionize only systems. They require some form of oxidation to render a pool safe. Usually chlorine or bleach. There are a few companies that offer electronic oxidation that require no toxic chemicals. With these systems your pool will be 100% chemical free. The combination of electronic oxidation and ionization is one of the safest methods of operating your pool without any toxic chemicals.

The technology of sanitizing swimming pools electronically has been around for nearly 20 years. Yet industry standard is still chlorine or salt. Not only are these unsafe for your heath they are very corrosive to any thing they come in contact with. The life of all your pool equipment, vinyl liners, pumps and filters are greatly reduced by the use of chemicals. Not to mention your hair, skin and bathing suits. Even your pool furniture and lawn are at risk. The cost replacing this items prematurely is completely avoidable.

There are a few companies that have integrated systems using oxidation and ionization to achieve a chlorine free swimming pool. This is the most cost effective means of having a chemical free pool. Not only do you protect the health of your family but you save money on costly repairs and chemicals. The expense alone is worth consideration.

The advance in computer technology has helped to make these systems user friendly. They range from manual to totally automated with PH sensors with digital settings. Here is to you enjoying a safe and healthy chlorine free swimming pool.

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