Sand Filters for Swimming Pools

by Pool Builders on 03-23-2006 in Articles

Each filter has pros and cons. Sand filters are easiest to operate and cheapest to maintain. Most people who own sand filters fail to understand how they work. Biggest problem, they backwash too often.

It's true the dirtier the filter gets the more efficient it gets. Don't get me wrong, that does not mean don't back wash, it means back wash only when it needs it.

You don't back-wash every week, or every month, or every season change, you back wash the filter when the pressure gauge reading rises around 20psi from the clean reading. This means you will back wash more or less often depending on condition of the pool. A sand filter uses the dirt, dead algae, and trash as filter media. The cleaner the filter is the bigger the partials that can pass.

Pros are there is no d.e. powder to add, to clean you just back wash, and the sand only needs to be changed about every 5 years.

Cons are because they don't catch as small a partial as a d.e. filter or cartridge they must be run more hours.

Over all I feel sand filters are the best filter as far as ease and cost of opperation.

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