Sanitize Your Water With Proper Swimming Pool Water Treatment

by Pool Builders on 03-08-2010 in Articles

The best thing you can do for the safety of your friends and family who use your swimming pool is to ensure that there is no bacterium in the pool water and the water is clean. Usually, people use different kinds of chemicals to make sure that the water remains clean and there are no germs in it, but unfortunately sometimes these chemicals can also cause harm to people. If the chemicals are not used correctly and without any knowledge, you can cause serious damage to the people you care about the most. A lot of people have abandoned water chemistry as they feel that it's just too much of a risk to take to put family in danger.

Many companies have launched automatic pool cleaners that are specifically made to remove all the guess work from swimming pool water treatment. These automatic machines analyze the water automatically and suggest the exact amount of chemicals that you should add in the water. There systems are programmed to maintain the chemical levels of the water so that the eyes and skin remains safe and the water also remains clean for use. Some of the products also use other methods instead of using chemicals for pool water treatment.

Dosed Chemicals:

When you use chemicals such as bromine or chlorine, there is always a risk that you might damage the equipment of the swimming pool such as the pump or filters. There is also a fair chance that chlorine and bromine might affect the swimmers badly if the levels of chemicals in the swimming pool are not maintained properly. It's not easy to accurately check the PH of the water, Low PH can cause corrosion in the swimming pool while high PH can cause scale buildup. It's a hard job to maintain the PH as well as adding the chemicals in the water in such a way that it still remains safe for the people to use the swimming pool. Some pool cleaners automatically take care of the amount of chemicals to be used in the water. You can check the levels of chemicals in the water yourself using a water test kit which is easily available in the market and does not require a lot of skill to use.

Other Methods of Treatment:

Many owners of the swimming pools completely stop using chemicals to keep their water clean. There are also some other ways that can be employed to keep the water clean. Salt is most commonly used to clean the water but usually it's not enough. Most of the salt systems have powered cells that convert the salt into a much more effective sanitizer and then it converts the salt back in its original form so that the swimmers remain safe.

Other methods include electronic water purification. In this process, an electrical current is passed through the water so that it gets ionized. When the water gets ionized, it destroys the germs and bacteria in the swimming pool. This kind of technology is also used in making drinking mineral water.

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