Save Gallons of Water by Using Cartridge Pool Filter  

by Pool Builders on 02-09-2012 in Articles

Being a proud owner of a swimming pool, you surely must be concerned about the upkeep and maintenance of your pool. When water gets contaminated with air borne dirt and impurities or other sort of debris like animal matter etc, then the bathers are at a risk of developing many infections and other health problems. This calls for the installation of a swimming pool filter which can transform the entire pool filtration process.

Cartridge filters have been around for quite some time now and have become quite popular among the fraternity of pool owners. These filters are made of polyester which provides a superfine filtering surface. The cartridge element catches and seizes the impurities until the filter is cleaned up or replaced.

These filters have an edge over traditional filters. These filters have larger cleaning surface as compared to sand filters and consequently clog up less. It begins with trapping the larger particles followed by the smaller particles, as the pores start getting clogged. In fact, cartridge filters can trap and remove particles as small as 10 to 15 microns in diameter.

When your pool begins to look dirty, it is a clear indication that your filter is dirty and requires cleaning or replacement. The cartridge element can be easily hosed of by rinsing with water by making use of a garden hose. However, if the dirt comprises of oil and grime and is stubborn and hard to remove, then the cartridge requires to be soaked in an alkaline pool cleaning solution overnight.

This removes all sort of stubborn dirt including coatings of algae from the cartridge's surface. Followed by this, the cartridge element requires thorough rinsing with water is mandatory so that remaining dirt is completely removed.

The traditional filters like sand pool filter requires backwashing session that has led to wastage of gallons of water. Such cleaning method has proved to be a drawback for some homeowners as backwashing requires reversing the flow of water. On one hand the filter is cleaned up by clean water on the other hand dirty water is drained out of the system.

In order to build a good swimming pool, lot of hard work is required. However, to maintain pool water clarity, regular monitoring along with proper installation of pool accessories and components in the pool is required. Filters of leading brands like Starite, Jacuzzi and Hayward are very offer great performance in terms of pool water filtration. In fact, these filters are known for their upgraded technology and unwavering water circulation capacity as well.

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