Save Money By Maintaining Your Own Pool

by Pool Builders on 09-29-2009 in Articles

Maintaining your swimming pool is really quite straightforward and doing it well will save you a lot of money. Poor maintenance can mean expensive breakages in equipment and always means you have to spend more on chemicals. With swimming pool chemicals, you should adhere to the directions carefully so your pool is less costly but not less safe. Problems that are difficult to repair and usually costly will be avoided with good maintenance. You can save the expense of professional pool cleaners if you do simple good pool maintenance.

Saving on Chemicals?

Don't skimp on pool chemicals, this is not how you should make savings. Remember: It costs more in the long run when your pool is unsanitary. A lot of expensive chemicals and procedures will be needed to bring you pool back to usable levels.


When handling swimming pool chlorine, use caution if you administer the chemicals yourself. They are safe in their diluted form but toxic when concentrated. Don't blend any other chemical product with any pool chemicals. A fire or explosion could be the result.


Before adding it to your pool be sure to dissolve granular chlorine in water. Keep all these pool chemicals away from children and remember to add the chlorine to the water not the water to the chlorine. Automatic release devices are less work and keep the correct balance by adding the chlorine. At all times your chlorine level should be at 1 to 3 parts per million. You can take you pool water to a pool store and have it tested for balance of the ph and alkaline every week during the high usage times.

Save money with cleaning

The best area to save money is in the cleaning of your pool. Regularly vacuum the sides and bottom and skim the leaves and debris on the top. Skimming can be done everyday. For keeping tiles, cement and fixtures clean, a good brush is very important. PVC brushes are not cheap but last a lot longer and are good for cement as well as tiles.

Take Lessons

To learn how to use a pool test kit to test ph balance, amount of chlorine, bromide, acid and alkalinity there are courses available if they are convenient for you or you can go online to learn timely pool cleaning.


Cleaning, vacuuming and skimming, filter changing and checking the ph alkaline balance methodically are the chief things you can do to save money in the maintenance of your pool and the small effort involved will save you a lot of money and hassle in the long term as well as avoiding equipment breakdown and illness in swimmers.

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