Save Your Health: Use Chlorine Shower Filter  

by Pool Builders on 07-26-2010 in Articles

Maybe some of us are wondering why we need to use chlorine shower filter. Well, the reason simple. It is used to reduce the chlorine in the water that our body gets contact with. We view water as a very clear and clean substance but in fact, it is not.
Chlorine is a chemical used to regulate organic materials like oil, grease and dirt in the water. Mostly, it is used in swimming pools. It plays a vital role in keeping water clean, yet it also has bad effects to our body.
When we use water with too much of that chemical most of the time, our body system can suffer a lot of problems. We can suffer from lung damages, bladder cancer and asthma. For pregnant women, they can be prone to miscarriage. And to the babies not yet born, they may experience stillbirths.
These are only some of the major damages that chlorine can cause our body. There are other more but those that are stated are the most crucial ones.
With the damages that arose, researchers had come up with solutions to lessen the amount of such chemical in the water that we are using. In some countries, they are using ozone gas. They can also use ultraviolet light. These two are used in swimming pools instead of the substance mentioned earlier.
Another solution is the chlorine shower filter itself. Aside from being used in swimming pools, chlorine can also be found in waters used by people at home. It can be found on the water used for washing and shower. Moreover, it can be found on our drinking water.
Every day, we are taking a bath. Of course, we are using water. However, the water that we are using contains such substance. And continuous use of chlorinated water can damage our body directly.
The filter is created to help solve the problem of the people. Using it will eventually reduce or lessen the amount of chemical in the water.
It is a new technology that can filter chlorine in just a few seconds. While on a shower, we can just turn it on and it will automatically remove the substance from water. So, the water turns to be chlorine free before it touches us.
Using the chlorine shower filter can help us in many ways. It can help us stay healthy inside and outside. Our skin will not get damaged when the water we are using is not contaminated with chemical. Also, we will not affected by those damages mentioned above.

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