Save the Earth With Reusable Swim Diapers

by Pool Builders on 04-13-2010 in Articles

Another earth day is coming and its time again to think about the way we live and how we can save our planet. If you do a research you will be surprised of the thousands ways one can make a change and reduce the waste and the consumption craze. Through recently people don't spend too much because of the economical crisis still many things are bought without thinking of the after-effects.

As a mother to two boys I have found an easy and simple way to reduce our carbon footprint. This summer my little men are going to the pool in the most cutest reusable swim diapers on earth. They look just like Dad's swim trunks and my boys are so proud to look like grown ups.

I was a little skeptical about buying reusable swim diapers but after I did a research online and among my fellow moms I knew it was the right thing.

Just imagine the heaps of disposable diapers my boys would use for the summer.

Here are the arguments that convinced me reusables are better:

They are cheaper. You may not believe it but I took the time to do a simple calculation and it turned out that reusable swimming diapers for my boys were going to cost almost 2 times less than the disposable diapers.

After I read some threads on popular diapers forums I understood that there is no need for a diaper to be absolute sterile. All you need to do is wash the cloth diaper in hot water and dry it in the dryer or outside on the line. That's it - your diaper is clean and ready to be used again.

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