Saving Money in Times of Recession

by Pool Builders on 03-15-2009 in Articles

Winter is almost over and it is officially springtime in a few days. I for one cant wait! I hope everyone has weathered the storm so to speak with the way the economy has been. I know we are staying closer to home this year as far as taking any vacations. We will make a few long weekenders instead of one big vacation. And we will be spending more time in our pool, because it is closer and more economical than driving to the shore. Whatever plans you are making this year, I hope that you have a great swimming pool season.

Now we are looking for all the sales and bargains that we can. We have started coupon clipping once again. We are getting the Sunday Paper again, for all the weekly sales and going online to all the coupon websites to see if any of the manufactures are offering any discounts. We know this is only a temporary situation, as we all know the economy will recover.

Here are some tips that can save you some money. Things that we buy or service's that we use each and every day.

1. Buy online to save money. Internet Stores are very competitive, and consumers are the ones that save. Amazon is a great website that comes to mind.
2. Purchase Generic medicines instead of name brand. You will save a ton of money.
3. Keep your car tires properly inflated. Under inflated tires only use more fuel and their useful life is reduced because of increased tire wear.
4. And when it is time to buy new tires, purchase them from a Costco, Sam's Club, or any Wholesale Club that carries them. Much less expensive than dealer or even tire chain.
5. If your employer offers flexible spending accounts, take advantage of them. This allows you to pay certain dental, medical and childcare expenses using pre-tax dollars.
6. Pass on any extended warranties on lower dollar items. That type of insurance is not needed to insure small purchases.
7. Take a look at your Cable bill and eliminate some of your services. Do most of us watch all 500 channels?
8. Take advantage of 0% credit cards. You can save thousands by using zero-balance transfer credit cards. Look for what they might charge you for balance transfer fees though.
9. Do not pay checking account fees. Many banks offer fee checking, and if yours does not, ask. If they refuse, tell them you will take your business elsewhere. This worked for me.
10. Read magazines online or go to your local library to view. I did this and saved a bundle.
11. When it is time to buy a computer or electronic device, buy a factory-refurbished unit. They offer the same warranties as new, and can cost hundreds less
12. Consider VIOP telephones. We have ours through our local cable service and it is one low cost per month. No additional fees or taxes are added on.
13. Close any unused heating/cooling room vents in your house. There is no need to heat or cool any unused spaces.
14. Bring your lunch into work. It is much less expensive than eating out every day, and you can control what you eat and be healthier.
15. Replace your incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents. They use 1/3 of the energy and can last up to 7 years. I am in the process of replacing a few each month to help absorb the cost easier.

I'm sure this list can become endless, but this gives you a few ideas where you can save some money on things that we do each and every day.

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