Say goodbye to swimming pool water problems - with regular use of swimming pool chemicals  

by Pool Builders on 04-15-2009 in Articles

If you are a pool owner or looking after the maintenance of a swimming pool [], you may often face issues regarding your pool water. Maintaining a swimming pool isn't a hard task, but you need to follow the correct guidelines and know how to deal with pool water problems, especially the correct usage of pool chemicals and swimming pool sanitizers.

Stabilised chlorine granules are ideal pool chemicals [] which you could use daily in your swimming pool. These chlorine granules have the capacity to destroy harmful bacteria. They do not affect the pH level of the pool water as they already contain clarifiers as well as oxidizers, so it would be a recommended to use them.

You may find that you have algae issues in your swimming pool. It could be either green algae, yellow algae or even harder to remove black algae. You will need to act fast in order to get rid of it. Whenever you opt for an algicide, make sure that you check for the period of effectiveness. Some algicide products promise an algae free pool for almost 6 months after its application; however some products can cause discolouration, adding a haze which gives an untidy look to your swimming pool.

While cleaning your swimming pool, you may have noticed some marks above your water lines which are hard to erase. You can always buy a waterline cleaning gel which is specially formulated for this purpose. The waterline cleaning gel has low foaming properties with non abrasive properties which works wonders on removing the tide marks.

As you try different methods of maintaining your swimming pool, you will come across many varieties of pool chemicals, water clarifiers and algicides which will promise to solve your pool water issues. You should always research their composition, directions for use as well as the dosage required when choosing the right product.

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