Scuba Diving Certification   

by Pool Builders on 05-22-2011 in Articles

Scuba diving requires that you are certified if you want to rent or buy equipment. The certification must be done by one of the recognized professional scuba organizations. The Professional Association of Dive Instructors is an example in North America.
There are three major steps that have to be taken in order to get certification. The first is to learn and study a lot of written material regarding underwater diving. The second is to actually practice and learn in an underwater environment that is in a controlled setting. This is almost always a pool. From there comes the final step, and that is open water diving which is usually the ocean.
The best place to get started is the local dive shop. This is a store that sells a variety of underwater diving equipment and will commonly rent some of the equipment necessary to dive. They will have diving classes or know who provides them in your area. Sometimes a great portion of the written instruction can be done online as much of the reading is something that is done without an instructor, just as it would be in a college type course. The scuba manual that needs to be read and learned thoroughly is approximately two hundred pages long.
Once this material has been learned the next phase is for an instructor to take you into a swimming pool. One of the basic skills learned in the pool environment is the ability to breathe underwater. Once you get used to that you learn how to move to the surface in a controlled manner to prevent injury to the body. You learn how to use an emergency regulator and instruments that measure your depth and the amount of air in your tank. This phase of the scuba lessons can often be done in a weekend.
Once these basic skills are learned an open water session is scheduled. Once you are in the open water, everything you learned from the scuba texts and the instructor in the swimming pool are put to a test. Most of it however is focused on reviewing what you already known and applying it to a real underwater environment. This last part of the lessons is done over the course of a weekend - almost always for two separate days, with several dives being done each day. An instructor will review what you did right and wrong after each dive.

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