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by Pool Builders on 10-13-2014 in Articles

This question is one I get regularly asked by entrepreneurs. They are either looking into starting search engine optimisation or are already doing it but without fully comprehending what it is.

In this article, we're going to talk about the boilerplate answer to the question, "What is search engine optimisation?" The answer has one big issue; we'll talk about the effect that then has on your business, and then how I would prefer to answer the question.

An answer taken straight from Wikipedia:

Search engine optimisation is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in the search engines natural, or unpaid organic search results.

The issue with this answer

The essential issue with an answer like this is it's aimed at people who already work in the business of search engine optimisation. There is a fundamental knowledge of 'visibility', which most entrepreneurs might not have.

Entrepreneurs themselves are asking a basic question yet they aren't getting a basic answer. For example, how can it influence visibility? What does organic, unpaid or natural mean?

So just to re-repeat I think the answer expects an essential understanding of web search tools which entrepreneurs don't have.

The effect this issue can have on your business

The effect this then has on your business can go one of the two ways. Entrepreneurs will either withdraw from optimisation as they don't want to take the risk. Which implies they are not asking the right questions. Would it profit my business website? How would it profit my business website?

The other way they may go is just to continue with the optimisation for the wrong business reasons. Only because others is doing it, doesn't mean you ought to. Only in light of the fact that others are achieving results with it, doesn't mean you will.

Relate it to something you DO understand

So in place the answer the inquiry legitimately I think you have to give individuals the fundamental understanding of what web crawlers really are. What I do is I identified with something entrepreneurs as of now get it. Provide for them that essential comprehension which can permit them to comprehend the response to the inquiry.

With a specific end goal to do that I utilize the similarity of a web crawler as a library and a site as a book inside the library.

So in the event that you think about going to the library and requesting a rundown of books on "swimming pools". They will look the database and return with a list of books containing title, description, author, etc.

The search engine works in precisely the same way. You put in the term "swimming pools". The search engine will then pursuit through its database of sites and return a rundown of the sites most applicable to "swimming pools".

The crucial distinction is that libraries most likely just manage a hand sized scoop of new books over a time of six months or a year. So the rundown you will get back will be little. Though a web index needs to list thousands if not countless sites on a yearly basis. Most individuals are just looking at the top ten.

So the principle challenge for web crawlers is by what means would they be able to guarantee they convey the ten most applicable sites in any given classification.

Apply this understanding to answer

In the event that you take this fundamental level of understanding, thinking about a search engine as a library and the site as a book. The answer I would provide for an entrepreneur who poses the question: What is search engine optimisation?

Would be:

Search engine optimisation is the process of arranging your site effectively so it can be found by individuals (potential customers) who are intrigued by your business.

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