Secrets to Reduce Swim Times and Win Races  

by Pool Builders on 02-11-2013 in Articles

Swimmers have to learn to move through water, an unstable substance, while using it to their advantage. At the Technique Swim Academy, we teach a progression of interactive practice skills, along with race strategy and mental techniques to help boys and girls improve their swimming performance.

First, by being more hydrodynamic, it increases the swimmer's ability to swim faster. In order to do this, the Technique Swim Academy begins by focusing on a swimmer's body line in the water. Once we assess the strengths and weaknesses of the individual, we move progress to the kick and then, finally, the arms. If the foundation of the stroke is not sound, then improvement slows down over time.

The first one off the block!

Another overlooked area in swimming is the start. Entering the water in a streamlined position will help swimmers maintain their speed. Did you know that a great start actually combines falling and jumping? At the Technique Swim Academy, we help swimmers learn to use gravity to create momentum before they jump. This permits them to cover a greater horizontal distance with their initial dive.

Breathe Efficiently

Using the breath effectively can help swimmers with their race. Swimmers create a wave in front of their bodies, which lowers the water level next to their heads. This means that they don't have to lift their heads to breathe. Instead, learning to work with this air pocket, swimmers can tip their mouths up for air. In addition, maintaining the body line and continuing to kick through the breath can help swimmers improve their performance. The experts at the Technique Swim Academy help students develop a strong, uniform swimming stroke.

It's all in the Flip

Acquiring a solid flip turn can also help swimmers achieve faster times. Our coaches and instructors work with swimmers to teach them to accelerate into the turn and tuck tightly to spin faster. We help swimmers place their feet in the ideal position for a powerful push off the wall. The fewer seconds a swimmer spends at the wall during a flip turn, the more likely the swimmer is to improve his or her racing time.

Get Strong Outside of the Water

Building strength, endurance and agility outside of the pool can help swimmers improve their racing performance. At the Technique Swim Academy, we help swimmers optimize the muscle groups targeted during races. Specifically, we focus on core strength and flexibility. Remember, swimmers should swim from their core out to their arms and legs. A strong core maintains the perfect body line which is foundation for all strokes.

While practice makes perfect, targeted practice with time-tested methods can encourage competitive swimmers to optimize their performance. At the Technique Swim Academy, we work with swimmers to give them the skills and practice methods that will give them a competitive edge.

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