Select the Pool Chemicals Carefully  

by Pool Builders on 07-08-2013 in Articles

We all know that, disease causing microorganisms, such as virus and bacterium, not only breed but also thrive in stagnant water. Unfortunately most swimming pools have standing water and one should be very careful about their pool maintenance. If that is not done on regular basis, such pools can easily turn out to be a breeding ground for large number pathogens. Fortunately, the task is not as cumbersome as it may seem. One has to be regular about it. Although it is not a bad idea to take professional help sometimes, there are some tasks that the owners/caretakers must undertake themselves. Checking the quality of the water for example is one such task which must be undertaken at least twice a week.
It is very important to maintain the pH level of the water. Unless it is kept at 7.5, the chlorine in water cannot really function properly. It is also very important to keep the alkalinity of the water between 50 to 140 PPM. Too low or too high alkaline can affect water balance, which in turn may affect the functionality of the sanitizers. Other than that, occasionally, check the TDS (Total Dissolved Solid) in the pool. Moreover, it is very important to check the pool pump for hair and lint pot. If it is full of debris, the pump can never function properly, affecting circulation and ultimately the health of the swimmers. Then, there are minor issues of running the pump every day. The pump should run about 1 hour for every 10 degree of temperature. It helps in proper circulation, which is essential for low maintenance
To keep the water in the pool clean and healthy, people often add various types of pool chemicals on their own. However, it is best to be a little cautious about that too. Overdose of such chemicals can also cause different types ailments. On the other hand, if the dose is too small, it naturally fails to achieve the target. Then again, chemicals such as liquid chlorine must be added after sun set. This is a disinfecting agent. It performs to its potential at that time.
However, this is easier said than done. Adding the right quantity of chemicals is difficult for someone who is new. Therefore, it is essential to consult firms offering pool Supplies while doing the job. They will guide on matters related to the exact quantity that may be given. Also, try to brush the walls and tiles at regular intervals. If the circulation system is a suspect the pool may have algae problems. Brushing the walls will reduce it quite substantially. These are some ideas, which help in to reduce the pool maintenance costs.

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