Selecting the Best Pool Filters For Your Pool Area  

by Pool Builders on 04-13-2011 in Articles

Swimming pool filters are the tools that are responsible to maintain the cleanliness of your swimming pool area. One of the main things that you should always look after in a swimming pool is its cleanliness, because the health and sanitation of the swimmers depend here. It is very vital to choose the correct kind of pool filter for your swimming area to ensure its purity and sanitation.

There are basically three types of swimming pool filters that you can choose from. All of it are very efficient in doing the cleaning job, you just have to pick the best pool filter for the type of swimming pool you have.

Sand filters can be considered as the simplest type of pool filtering system. As the nae itself suggests, it makes use of sand to filter the water. The water is pushed through the a layer of sand to clean the water and remove all the impurities. The sharp edges of sand traps all the impurities and the allows only the pure water to flow out from the bottom.

There is a need to clean the filter system when the pressure on the filter increases and the flow of water is reduced. The cleaning of the filter is known as" backwashing", wherein the water is allowed to enter from the bottom and then exits at the top. This removes all the debris that was trapped between the sand particles.

The second type of pool filters is the cartridge filter. It can be considered as the easiest to use. They function almost the same way as the oil filter in the car engine. Water is pushed through the filter and where it leaves all the impurities and other debris then pure water exits back to the pool.
Cleaning this type of filter is very easy. You can simply wash it with water or you can soak them in a detergent solution for some time and put it back to the pool. it costs a little bit more than sand filters, but more people are using it because it does requires low maintenance. They are also able to filter impurities as small as 5-10 microns.

There is also the Diatomaceous Earth filter which is considered as the most efficient water cleaner of the three. They are able to filter impurities as small as 5 microns from the water. Like the sand filter, there is also a need to backwash the DE filters when the pressure arises.

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