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The idea that we should feel pain after we exercise may be good for military boot camps that want to create soldiers out of young men, but as seniors, there should be a way to work around extreme exercise.There are many wonderful ways to stay fit and limber. A healthy fitness routine will help battle all scores of diseases, including reducing arthritis and stiffness, as well as combating Alzheimer's or dementia. It's great for your heart, mind, and soul.
All of the fitness regimes in this blog promise the following benefits:
1. Relief of the physical effects of stress
2. Promotes deep breathing, or safe cardio routines
3. Reduces bone loss in menopausal women
4. Reduces the effects of osteoporosis in men & women
5. Improves lower body and leg strength
6. Helps with arthritis pain
7. Reduces blood pressure
8. Accumulates energy by releasing endorphins, a hormone that produces energy
9. Enhances mental capacity and concentration
10. Improves balance and stability by strengthening ankles, knees, and core muscles
11. Promotes faster recovery from strokes and heart attacks
12. improves conditions of Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson's
Here is a useful mini guide explaining ways to safer, pain free senior fitness how you can actually enjoy your daily physical exercise.
Swimming is a great way to keep your heart fit, as it provides for good cardio. It's also used in physical therapy for injured or strained joints. In other words, it's not only easy on the joints, but it's good for them! It's a great way to keep your shoulders, elbows and knees strong and limber. Water Aerobics is also a wonderful way to stay fit, and can be more engaging for some than swimming laps.It is still possible to overexert you and feel sore the next day, but the water makes the chances of a successful and painless workout much more possible.Some hospitals have even built swimming pools or co-opted with gyms for pool use because swimming is such a beneficial way for seniors and those undertaking physical therapy to regain strength and fitness.
Silver Sneakers offer classes made specifically for seniors at various levels of fitness and ability. Many instructors will also offer modifications for exercises. If the modification information is not readily available, ask the instructor or fitness manager for it.As long as your doctor has approved the activity or class, the instructor should be able to offer ways to keep pressure off the knees and wrists, or recommend alternate exercises for those of you using walkers or wheelchairs.
Wellness centers and weight rooms should have personal trainers on hand that can recommend the proper weight for circuit training and lifting weights. If a fitness instructor does not have this information, then consider taking a different class or going to another gym.Luckily, many doctors and fitness enthusiasts are beginning to support seniors in the re-done no pain, no pain approach. Yoga, for example, purports that no one is supposed to feel pain during any of the postures being used.
Besides finding places which can offer you the proper modifications to their classes and machinery, from a mental wellness attitude, finding something enjoyable which you like to do and that is physical will also diminish any pain philosophy.If you pick a physical activity that you consider fun, you are not likely to associate it with a need to create discomfort. For instance, if you go dancing then you should end the night feeling both rejuvenated and exhausted by the fun, not the pain, you have experienced.
€ Start slowly. Build up your activities and your level of effort gradually. Doing too much, too soon, can hurt you, especially if you have been inactive.
€ Avoid holding your breath while straining -- when using your muscles, for example. If you have high blood pressure, pay special attention to this tip. It may seem strange at first, but the rule is to exhale during muscle exertion; inhale during relaxation. For example, if you are lifting something breathe out on the lift; breathe in on the release.
€ If you are on any medicines or have any conditions that change your natural heart rate, don't use your pulse rate as a way of judging how hard you should exercise."Beta blockers," a type of blood pressure drug, are an example of this kind of medicine.
€ Use safety equipment, such as helmets, knee and elbow pads, and eye protection, to keep you from getting hurt.
€ Unless your doctor has asked you to limit fluids, be sure to drink plenty when you are doing endurance activities that make you sweat. Many older people tend to be low on fluid much of the time, even when not exercising.
€ When you bend forward, bend from the hips, not the waist. If you keep your back straight, you're probably bending correctly. If you let your back "hump" anyplace, you're probably bending from the waist, which is the wrong way.
€ Make sure your muscles are warmed up before you stretch, or you could hurt them. For example, you can do a little easy biking, or walking and light arm pumping first.
€ None of the exercises should hurt or make you feel really tired. You might feel some soreness, a slight discomfort, or a bit weary, but you should not feel pain€¦ fact, in many ways, physical activity and exercise will probably make you feel better.
The only potential drawback to doing something that you enjoy is that you tend not to think about how much you are working your body during the exercise. Try to keep tabs on how it is feeling and remember when your body tells you it's had enough - stop and rest. As gentle and safe as the new workouts for senior fitness are, a little soreness can still result from any physical exertion. Counteracting soreness with some yoga or stretches will take away some of your knots and kinks. Drinking plenty of water before, during and after exercise also helps to keep sore muscles at bay.
The traditional, tried and tested remedy of a relaxing warm bath is still a favorite way to help your body alleviate any soreness until it gets accustomed to your new pain-free senior fitness program.

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