Setting Up An Aboveground Pool Skimmer  

by Pool Builders on 07-21-2010 in Articles

With summer season fully in gear, many householders are escaping the unbearable temperature and moisture by restful in their backyard pools. So you just observed that having that lovely above ground pool will involve a great deal of drudgery to keep it looking good and hopefully enjoy it. One nice device to have in the case of pool maintenance is a skimmer. What's the pool skimmer?

Well,, what exactly is a swimming pool skimmer? It's a functional gadget for clearing leaves and bugs; a number of units are part of the pool system while others are manually operated. A mesh basket or screen filter is used to catch the sticks bugs, foliage and other debris and keep it from going into the swimming pool's filtration pump. The automated version is an element of a filtration system that pushes water into the filter and removes the bacteria, and sanitizes it before distributing it into the pool.

Quite a lot of the small sticks and other materials are pushed through the water by the current created by the pump. The material flows through to a basket or mesh trap before entering the pump area. The static skimmer is used quite a lot in many backyard pools.

It should be installed inside the pool from the beginning is cleared routinely as twigs collects in the trap. Another skimming system floats along connected to a hose which connects to the vacuum plate of the pump. The floating swimming pool skimmer can move along the water carried along by the water's surface tension.

A more effective solution would be the floating swimming pool skimmer; this type connects into the vacuum plate over the leaf basket within a static skimmer unit by means of a hose like one connects a pool vacuum.

The swimming pool wall cutout size is 11 1/2" wide x 5 1/8" high. You'll need to cut holes for the skimmer box and return line; we are as expected, working with a fully built and working above ground swimming pool.

How do i install a skimmer for a above ground pool?

"The safest way to cut the holes needed for the skimmer box and return line is to build the swimming pool entirely and begin filling it. Allow the swimming pool to fill about half way so as to set the liner in place. The weight of the water pushes the liner to the wall as well as in its permanent placement). At this time your swimming pool is completely finished aside from cutting the holes for and installing the skimmer and return.

Wear a pair of shorts and get in the pool. Meet your colleague at the precut metal wall openings. Your partner is outside the swimming pool facing the openings. First take the return fitting apart. There are just two pieces to the return.

Force down the return firmly with the threads facing out. You'll be pushing against the pre-cut wall hole from the inside. Doing this can push the uncut liner slightly though the hole making it easier for your collaborator to cut the outline. Continue to apply pressure with the return as the helper cuts the circle. When he's done cutting, push the return completely through so your partner can screw the plastic nut onto the threading. Tighten firmly and it's done.

Now you'll have to install the skimmer. The skimmer also comes in two parts; a face plate and the box. The face-plate affixes to the wall on the inside while the box hangs on the outside of the pool.

The skimmer connects via the wall using several screws and your pool's wall is pre-cut for them. Line up the skimmer plate against the precut wall opening on the inside of the swimming pool just like you did with the return. Now, take one of the screws and poke it through the plate, liner, and wall hole.

Have your colleague line up the skimmer box on the outside of the swimming pool and fasten the screw you poked through to the skimmer box. Repeat this until all of the screws are together and tighten. Your skimmer will now be set and the only thing left to do is cut the liner around the inside of the skimmer plate to create an opening. This process is actually harder to explain than its to truly do. Remember- when doubtful- cut small. You can get a great pool that will virtually clean itself.

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