Setting Up An Intex Swimming Pool - The Easy Life For Swimming Pool Installation!

by Pool Builders on 04-10-2011 in Articles

Intex swimming pools are among the best selling pools in the World for several reasons, and one of the top reasons that they sell so well is that they are very easy to assemble.

Even the very large ultra frame metal pools can be assembled by one person (Although two people will make light work of the job).

Looking across the range of pools on offer, let us see how you go about assembling them.

Easy Set Means Easy Installation!

Well when it comes to easy set pools, they are called easy set for the sole reason that they are so easy to set up! To build up your pool, you simply unpack it from its box, place it in your desired location and connect up the water filter to the pool. Next you simply inflate the top ring of the pool with a pump and then add water. The inflatable top ring then simply floats to the top of the water, so as the pool fills, it pulls up the side walls of the pool, and that is basically how you inflate an Intex easy set pool.

Metal Frame Pools, Just Clips And Liner

The next range up is the Intex metal frame above ground pools. As the name suggests they are supported by an exterior metal frame, which just clips together without the need for any specialised tools. The swimming pool liner is looped through the metal frame, the water filter is connected, and then you simply fill the pool up with a hosepipe.

These type of Intex pools are very robust and if need be are strong enough to be kept up all year round.

Water Filters And Mains Supply

Any Intex above ground swimming pool that has a water filter attached to it will need a mains supply, and whilst the vast majority of above ground pools are only classed as temporary structures, you do need to think safety when it comes to installing power to the water filter.

Check The Legal Requirements First!

Whatever you do especially if you choose not to bury your power cable underground (Just note that whilst many people choose not to do so, in a lot of countries it is a legal requirement) then you must fit an RCD to the power cable. In the event that it is cut through by accident or the water filter shorts out, then this will minimise the risk of electrocution. As clearly water and electric do not mix.

So as you can see setting up an Intex swimming pool is very easy, indeed in most cases even the large Intex swimming pools can be set up by one person.

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