Shade Sails Are Widely Used At Commercial Facilities In North Las Vegas  

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Las Vegas is one of the world's most widely popular cities. Internationally Vegas is known as the €city of entertainment' and is known for its many casino's, luxury hotels; and the many leisure activities available to tourists. The economy of this city is mainly supported by the tourism and hospitality industry. The weather in Vegas is primarily hot; more so in North Las Vegas as the city lies in the midst of the Mojave Desert. Under such circumstances both residential and commercial properties are fully equipped to beat the heat. In the case of commercial properties the efforts made are more apparent as the need to keep visitors comfortable and cool is ever present and that's where shade sails come in.

Commercial properties in North Las Vegas use shade sails for a wide range of purposes. This includes the use of these canopies over parking lots, entrance areas, gardens, swimming pools, children's parks and for other such purposes. Read further to know more.

Parking Lots

Most commercial properties have large scale parking lots and in such circumstances building permanent structures to house the vehicles of the many visitors on the premises is not financially viable. In such a scenario shade sails are the perfect replacements for commercial sized garages. These improvised parking lots can be found all over North Las Vegas at schools, hospitals, resorts, offices and other such commercial properties. Similar to a permanent structure, these canopies provide maximized coverage for vehicles.

Dining and Recreational Areas

Many commercial properties employ the use of shades to create outdoor dining and recreational areas. Listed below are examples of such spaces that are efficiently created with shades.

Outdoor Banquets

Many hotels and resorts create outdoor banqueting spaces using shade sails. These spaces help to maximize the benefits a hotel or resort can provide to its guests and are popular venues for weddings, engagement ceremonies, office parties, Bar Mitzvahs and other such functions. Unlike permanent structures, these banqueting halls can be easily dismantled for other uses.


Gardens are another area where the uses of shades are rampant on commercial properties. These shady spaces allow guest and visitors to enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by the blazing hot sun. This is a common practice in hotels and resorts across the city.

Swimming Pools

shade sails are slowly replacing umbrellas at swimming pools across the city. This trend is common for both residential and commercial properties. Shades installed over pools keep the water cool even when the hot sun is blazing down at the best of its capabilities. During summers overheated swimming pools is a common problem and in the hospitality industry this can prove to be a disadvantage for guests.

These canopies allow the guest to swim in cool and relaxing pools.

Children's Play Areas

It is common for many resorts and hotels to have special outdoor play areas for its little guests. These children play areas are generally protected from the blazing heat by shades.

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