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by Pool Builders on 04-14-2008 in Articles

You can feel the change in the air-the temperatures begin to even out with less extremes than before, and the clutch of winter seems to slowly loosen its grip. The sun hangs around a little longer, and bitter cold days yield to spring rains and the promise of summer, not so far in the distance.

This gentle picture is often marred by the annual chore of opening your swimming pool for another season. But with a little creativity and team spirit, opening the pool can build excitement for a new season, and teach simple-yet-valuable lessons to your family about putting effort toward something you really want.

Remember; any job divided is a job completed twice as fast. So one of our recommendations in a previous article holds true for a family approach to pool opening: Start early! There's plenty you can do long before you begin your water-balancing chemical treatment, even before removing your pool cover.

Begin your swimming pool opening process as a new weekend chore-one that begins a month prior to your pool season. This chore, divided among your family, takes a little time out of four consecutive weekends, and allows everyone to assume responsibility for the job done right. Try using these steps as a general guide.

  • Weekend 1: Prepare cover by skimming leaves and pumping water from pool cover (do not remove cover). Bag and dispose of leaves.
  • Weekend 2: Inspect, clean or replace filters as necessary. Inspect pumps and circulation system. Inventory your supplies. Visit the pool store to pick up replacement parts, filter media and additional supplies of chemicals for the season.
  • Weekend 3: Fill pool to recommended skimmer level. Install new parts or filters if necessary. Walk older members of your family through this process, explaining as you go.
  • Weekend 4: Remove remaining leaves and water from cover. Remove, clean, dry, and store pool cover. Vacuum and clean pool. Start pumps/circulation of water. Bag and dispose of leaves.

All that's left anytime after week four is balancing the chemicals and PH levels in your water-a process that generally takes 4-8 hours. Your investment of time at the chemical stage is minimal: you are simply testing the water and adding chemicals as needed over time per manufacturer's recommendation.

With adult supervision, virtually all of these chores are acceptable for most older children or young adults. Your family well knows the fun involved in owning your own backyard vacation. Opening the swimming pool together not only speeds up the process-but allows for each member of the family to claim a little responsibility for his or her summer fun.

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