Sheds for Protection of Your Desired Assets by Shed Manufacturer or Fabricator in Kolkata  

by Pool Builders on 12-02-2014 in Articles

What is a shade? Is this only for to cover an area or it has some more specifications too? A shade cannot serve only one purpose hence there are some more perspectives which needs to be looked after for. A shade often can be an identity for the area or for the building. Shade is not a cover made by plastic sheet attached with a structure or bamboo poles over an area, it has spread itself into a larger area. For a shade manufacturer company it is a challenge to manufacture and fabricate shades maintaining all the security and others in a great way.
There are several types of shades including awning, canopy, tent, polycarbonate shade, G.I color shade, swimming pool cover, car parking shade including some structural jobs such as acp cladding, structural glazing, fire exit stair case and puf panel. Whatever the classification is this is what makes the differences are the manufacturing process, fabrication and installation. Depending on these the shades serve different purposes and because of this quality made by shed manufacturer in Kolkata> you would find different types of attachments for your home. Likely a swimming pool cover and the car parking shade along with a fire exit stair case will not be the same.
A swimming pool cover is attached over the pool to cover the water. For that you would find swimming pool cover manufacturer in Kolkata and you can find the best out of it. A pool cover ensures that water to remain in the best condition of it. The water needs chemical to make clear and to keep it away from all infections. Water can appear greenish with excessive usage of copper and other chemicals. Bird droppings and leaves are a common problem with every open pool. Harsh UV rays can make the water hot. A pool cover ensures that it reflects 75% of heat and maximum UV rays and saves up to 98% of water from evaporation. The cover prevents heat but the light enters, it protects from insects, debris and other unwanted elements in water. This is cost saving, secures privacy and if you want to remove it if required that is possible too.
Now comes the car parking shade. Like pool cover it can be free standing or can be attached with any existing structure attached. There is a wide variety of covers for the car parking areas and therefore this is preventing a car from becoming hot. Who loves to get into a hot car? High quality fabric and great manufacturing process enable the cover to protect from harmful ultraviolet rays. Extreme heat can damage color of the car, accessories and other. Keeping your car beneath a cover you can actually save rupees 3000 per month from stopping fuel evaporation. Your car parking shed in Kolkata is made with high quality fabric and that is attached with galvalumed iron made structure. Instead of garage car parking cover is very attractive and affordable and a great choice for all car lovers.

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