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by Pool Builders on 09-14-2011 in Articles

In spa and pools, there are numerous bathers per day and more so if it is a public pool or spa. Each time a bather comes in the pool; there are dirt molecules that are left as residues. Will most of them are just the common dirt; every person has their body proteins. These are left behind in the pool or spa. As a matter of fact, the spa is the most carrier of these body proteins due to the hot water treatment, there are numerous body proteins left behind, therefore the need to conduct and run a pool shock or spa shock.
Under normal conditions of chlorine application, the chlorine particles combine by means of reaction with the dirt. This reaction result to the formation chlorine-proteins that will need to be removed from the pool. Pool shock can be administered at any particular time. This is to say that there is no particular time which you can carry out pool shock.
However, there are several factors that will point out to the time when a pool as well as a spa shock is required. The factors are based on the judgment of the viewer as these factors are seeable with the bare eye. These signs are basically the effects of accumulated dirt. When chlorine is applied for the basic clean up purposes, it does not completely remove the dirt.
This requires therefore a more advanced and comprehensive strategy to get rid of this dirt. Pool shock and spa shock are most applicable when, the water in the pool starts to turn milky. The level of the milk-look might be dependant on the observer as no really actually milky thing is seem. Logically, there is no one who will let his or her pool get dirty as to turn milky. By then, I would expect that no will be getting in the spa or the pool.
The other thing is the emergence of unpleasant and foul smell from he pool or spa. With the spa, this smell will be highly propagated due to the speedy reactions as a result of the heat. Spa shock therefore should be done in a frequent interval compared to the pools. But this is also dependent on the number of users of the pool and the cleaning and sterilization procedure before accessing the pool. Some pools will offer sterilization and pre-bathing services before getting gin the pool, this will maintain a cleaner poll.
Pool shock and spa shock, are too important practices in tub and pool maintenance. The procedure involves using more of excess chlorine as compared to the amount of chlorine used for the normal pool and spa cleaning. The excess chlorine reacts with any present and persistence dirt molecule creating a residue that is easy to clean off. The clear blue and fresh smell associated with pools and spa is due to effective and frequent spa shock and pool shock. Shocking can better be done at a chosen interval by the management of the pool of the owner of the spa. This will in return bring in more customers for public pools and comfort for spa owners.

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