Shopping Smart For Discount Pool Liners

by Pool Builders on 07-30-2010 in Articles

You cannot enjoy the pool without a liner. There may be a million and one optional accessories for your above ground swimming pool, but the liner is not on that list. A liner is an absolute necessity. You can choose from a number of premium and discount pool liners, but you will need to buy one.

For those who are not familiar with pool liners and what they do, here is a quick overview: You do not actually put water directly into the pool. First, the pool is lined with a pliable, heavy-duty liner. That prolongs the lifespan of the pool and prevents leakage.

If you are going to buy a pool, you are going to buy a liner, too. But what do you need to know to find the right one? There are many pool liners available and you will certainly want to make the best possible choice.

First, remember that you do not want to sacrifice liner quality for the sake of economy. Pool liners do not last forever. You will need to replace them more than once during the lifespan of your pool. However, they can last several years at a time. You do not want to treat them as if they are disposable.

Purchasing a cheap liner may put you ahead of the money game for that first season, but in the end it will cost you more. You will be replacing it prematurely and you will be forced to go through a rather involved installation process again, as well.

Additionally, choosing discount pool liners on the basis of price alone can lead to more small repairs. The best liners resist rips and tears fairly well. Low-grade alternatives, on the other hand, are prone to these problems. Unless you relish the idea of draining your pool and patching small areas of damage on a regular basis, it makes more sense to purchase a higher quality liner.

That does not mean that all discount pool liners are a disaster and that you need to pay top dollar from a high-end dealer, though. You can often find some of the best liners on the market for sale at great prices from discount vendors. Pricing is merely one of the potential indicators of a quality deficit. If you can find a strong liner from a noted manufacturer at a discount price, take advantage of the situation. Just do not make your selection based on price alone.

When you are shopping for a liner, take the time to examine multiple premium and discount pool liners. Look at their construction and quality. Do your homework and research customer reviews. Then, find the best possible option - emphasizing quality over minimal savings.

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