Should I Buy A Baby Swimming Pool For My Child When The Weather Warms Up? Will My Child Adapt To The Water Or Will They Be Afraid?  

by Pool Builders on 02-20-2013 in Articles

With spring right around the corner you may be wondering if itâEUR(TM)s time to purchase a baby swimming pool for your child. Whether this is your first baby or 5th it can be a daunting task to determine if it will be safe for them to go into a small kiddie pool and how they will react to it.

Should I Buy or Should I Visit the Local Pool?

Your child has never been in the water other than a bathtub and you want to introduce a pool to them but you are unsure on how to do so. Most parents choose to go with a small kiddie pool at first to allow their child to get used to the idea of being able to sit and play freely without the fuss of what a bath brings. Some babies love the water and will have no problems regardless of what kind of pool you put them in while others scream the first time their feet hit the water.

With that being said it may be a tough choice to decide whether or not to spend the money on something that may never be used or visit your local pool. There are a few other factors to consider before making your decision.

What Scares Your Baby?

First off do crowds or strangers scare your child? Many babies are afraid or at least shy around others and if that is the cause it will add additional stress to the scenario which should be avoided. Also if your baby is under a year old you may want to avoid public pools just because of germs and keeping your baby healthy. Safety can be another issue that you will need to take in to consideration. Will there be tons of kids jumping into the pool which can put your baby in danger? Again this is something that you will want to avoid when your child is young and just getting used to being in the water.

Kiddie pools or at least a private pool tend to be the best option for getting your baby used to the water. If you choose to put your baby in lessons you may want to consider private lessons which will allow them to receive more attention. These classes also come with less chaos which can help to keep things calm and relaxing. You donâEUR(TM)t want to overwhelm your baby while they are still getting used to the new surroundings.

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