Should I Buy a Home With a Pool?

by Pool Builders on 06-01-2014 in Articles

In this California heat, a swimming pool can be a huge selling point. With record tempatures in most inland areas a nice pool to cool off in is a plus. Some people will see them as a luxury and others as a safety risk that also requires too much maintenance and extra out of pocket expenses. When looking to purchase a home with a swimming pool you should always consider the pros and cons.

Both kids and adults can benefit from a nice cool pool. Summer break will be filled with lots of activities, parties, and relaxing days around the pool. There is also the benefit of the low impact workout that your body can receive exercising in the pool. These days, people are always looking for a fun way to stay fit and gather as a family and a swimming pool can be just the ticket.

With that said, swimming pools can also be very dangerous when there are young children involved who are not able to swim. Extra precaution is needed. If you decide to purchase a home with a pool, be sure to take safety measures. Install proper pool fencing, door locks, and door alarms. Don't forget, you can also be responsible for injuries that happen to your neighbors and friends while in your pool. I always recommend my clients take one of the many CPR/First Aid classes offered here in our area. Make sure that your kids have had proper swimming lessons and that your guest are aware that they must look after their children while swimming in your pool.

Many pool owners are familiar with the maintenance required to keep a pool in great condition. If you are not familiar with these steps please do your research. You may come to find that maintaining a pool is not for you. If you do not have the extra time to properly care for your pool find someone that can. There are several low cost pool professionals for hire that can take the maintenance on for you. If your pool is not properly maintained you're opening yourself up to possible health and safety issues that can attract city or hoa violations.

Swimming pools can be a great investment and addition to your home. Just be sure to do all of your research before deciding that a swimming pool is right for you and your family. Consider all pros and cons!

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