Should I Buy a Home With a Swimming Pool?

by Pool Builders on 06-16-2008 in Articles

Home buyers fall into one of three categories regarding swimming pools. Some will not consider a home without a pool. Those who do not want a pool and those that are ambivalent about having their own pool.

One thing to consider when purchasing a home with a pool, is to plan to take care of it. Proper pool care is essential to maintain the value of your home. Different types of pools require different levels of maintenance.

Home Buyers Who Want Swimming Pools

Many home buyers in states that are warm year round feel that a private pool is essential for their lifestyle. People who host outdoor parties regard their pools as an entertainment feature, especially if they have kids. Pools also provide a way to cool down on hot days.
Some individuals need a swimming pool for in-water exercises for health benefits. Some people feel pools improve the aesthetics of their backyard. In hot climates, swimming pools increase value at resale, especially in wealthier neighborhoods.

Some Home Buyers Won't Consider a Home with a Pool

Because of expense and work of pool maintenance, some people prefer homes without a pool. Families with small children often do not want a pool due to the risks of drowning. Many pools were put in before the laws past regarding the fencing of pools. A family with small children would have the expense of putting in the extra fence around the pool. Pools tend to use up large amounts of yard space. Properties with small yards, look larger when they do not have a pool.

Home Buyers Ambivalent about Pools

Some people buy a home with a pool not realizing the care required. Then shortly after moving in they want to fill the pool with rocks to avoid the work and cost of pool maintenance

Do Pools Increase or Decrease the Value of a Home?

Luxury homes are more likely to have pools. Many of those are simply for decoration. In luxury neighborhoods, it may be a mistake to buy a home without a pool. By and large, if you enjoy swimming, then a home with a pool might be right for you. Otherwise buying a home with a pool will be more hassle than its worth.

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