Should I Chlorine Wash My Inground Swimming Pool?  

by Pool Builders on 03-10-2011 in Articles

A chlorine wash is not only needed when your pool is green and full of algae. A wash is also a preventative measure for the good health of your inground swimming pool.
Most inground swimming pools need to be chlorine washed every few years to keep the mineral content at normal levels. White plaster is the most common finish in inground swimming pools and it is also more susceptible to improperly maintained or fluctuating chemical conditions.
While a green, algae-filled swimming pool is a good reason to give it a wash consisting of chlorine, the hardness level of the water is very important. Normal hardness levels are between 250-350PPM, Parts Per Million. When the hardness level exceeds 700-800 PPM, the calcium deposits will clog the filter and pipes, reducing water flow and filtration efficiency. The water then becomes cloudy and it will irritate the eyes.
Reducing calcium hardness is very difficult without draining the pool partially or completely. The industry standard is to drain the pool and give it a chlorine wash with a light chlorine solution and a special additive that will whiten plaster and help protect the surface from etching.
Washes are also less invasive than acid washes that remove a thin layer of plaster and should only be done a maximum of three times during the inground swimming pool's lifetime.
A chlorine wash will allow your inground swimming pool to return to its newly plastered splendor without breaking your budget. If you have any questions or would like to schedule your wash with one of our professionals please feel free to fill out our contact form.
If you ever thought this was hard to accomplished, don't be scared! There are people that do this work for you. So don't fret about it if you don't think you can do this. Don't mess it up or anything.

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