Should Swimming Be Free for Kids?  

by Pool Builders on 08-06-2013 in Articles

Kids today seem to spend more time in front of the TV or latest games console. Bedrooms full of toys go untouched, Bikes and Scooters lay in the garden slowly rusting away and anything that involves physical exercise is considered "boring" or "too hard". What happened to the days when streets and parks were full of children smiling and playing?. It's no wonder childhood obesity is on the rise but why aren't children being encouraged to take part in physical activities anymore?. Well we are in the middle of an economic recession, parents are working all the hours under the sun just to pay bills so even when they do have time off, activities such as swimming for kids are just unaffordable.

Swimming offers many benefits to children, apart from elevating the heart rate and exercising the muscles, its fun and sociable and helps to stimulate a child's imagination. It can prevent excessive weight gain and improve general health and wellbeing. It is a non-stress exercise, it works all the muscles in an environment that doesn't put any strain on your joints. It can be enjoyed by the whole family and can help bring families closer together. So why isn't something that is so extremely beneficial for everyone involved offered for free?
Free swimming sessions could be offered in the most underprivileged areas for those families who are unable to afford activities such as this. One, two hour session a week could prove to be extremely constructive. Children who aren't bored are less likely to cause problems and engage in anti social behaviour. It would also stop the dangerous pass time of children jumping off of bridges into rivers and lakes on hot days. There are countless deaths caused by this every year due to children jumping from dangerous places or getting caught in currents, these could be prevented by this one gesture. It would help make children who are living in poverty to realise that they are not missing out and give them the chance to develop a skill. Swimming lessons are still offered in lots of schools around the country but, while these help the children to practice the skill of swimming it's not the same as being able to spend the day with family at the pool.

Offering these free sessions could prove to be very good for the sports centres running them, there will obviously be extra advertising which will hopefully bring in more revenue.

Most pools or sports centres offer classes for ages age 0 to 100 and each class is specially thought out and adapted to work with whichever age group. Babies, for example spend four weeks just being in the water with their parent, singing nursery rhymes and playing games. They might blow some bubbles in the water, have a splash about or flip over in the water. It makes the water seem like nothing to be afraid of and prepares children to move up to the next class.

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