Should You Buy an Above Ground Swimming Pool?

by Pool Builders on 01-01-2010 in Articles

If you're like me and have always wanted a swimming pool in your back garden but, either don`t have the time or money to maintain one you might think about getting a above ground swimming pool. They are fairly cheap to buy, easy to set-up and don`t require no where near as much maintenance as the large in-ground swimming pools.

The first time I brought a above ground swimming pool was over 3 years ago now and I have had 3 different models and designs since then and I think the best has to be the round metal frame designs, they are very easy to assemble cheap to buy and can fit into fairly small spaces they are also very sturdy.

The first year we had one our children hardly ever got out of it and nearly all the kids on the street were around during the school holidays, these things are very good at stopping the "I`m bored" statement from arising. There are a great addition when having a BBQ during the hot months and evenings of July and August.

I`m often known to have a quick dip during the hot, sticky summers when at work, on my lunch break I sometimes come home and have a 10 minute swim as its extremely good at cooling you down and helping you fresh refreshed.

You can buy water heaters to help take any bite the cold water will give you when you first get into the pool but, in my experience with the larger pools anyway they don`t seem to work to well as there is so much water in there it does not take that long to cool down again and they are expensive to run. The best advice I could give is to buy what`s called a solar cover these do a very good job of heating the water when the days are the hottest and are also good at keeping any heat in the pool at night. So I have found that the best way to keep your pool at a comfortable temperature is to buy one of these solar covers and an addition debris cover and keep both of these on during the evenings this will keep the pool insulated and prevent some heat loss during the night.

I would highly recommend you buy on of these pools, go for at least a 20 foot circular above ground swimming pool and your summers will start getting a lot more fun for you and your a mediate neighbours.

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