Should You Choose an Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump?

by Pool Builders on 01-10-2010 in Articles

A swimming pool is fun to have but it requires a lot of effort and quality to maintain. For your pool to remain as enticing as it truly is here are some helpful, relevant information for you to consider.

Importance of a Pool Pump

A swimming pool pump is the heart of the water circulation system in a swimming pool. It pulls water from the main drains and skimmer. After pulling the water, it pushes the water into the filter, the heater and to other designated areas.

Types Available

These types of pumps are available in different sizes for swimming pool and spa. Above ground and in ground pumps are the two major types. The above ground type contains a big filter bag which is meant for debris collection. It requires less maintenance and it has also a motor of high capacity with overload protector. High flow action is the main characteristic of this pump. This high flow action is very efficient for fast filtering cycles.

Benefits of Above Ground Pumps

Following are the benefits of the above ground pump:

1. It contains a large filter basket for the collection of dust and other unwanted materials.

2. High capacity motor: Proper functioning heavily depends upon the quality of motor used to pump the water.

3. Contains an automatic overload controller which helps in controlling electricity bills.

4. Low maintenance.


The main disadvantage of the above ground pool pump is that if a high capacity model is not installed then it will increase electricity bills. The incorrect use of water pump, purifiers and filter equipment will further increase the problem. That's why it is advisable to read the guidelines or consult a professional prior to selecting a model. Right from the installation time, it is necessary to take care of the proper functioning of the various components.


Wayne Water Pumps and Flotec manufacture pool pumps. They manufacture both in-ground and above ground models. The above ground models by Flotec are designed to enhance the efficiencies and flow of the system. They are durable and rust resistant. Flotec designers offer two models of above ground pool pumps, FP6121-3/4 HP and FP6131-1 HP, each with a 1 year warranty.

The above ground model by Wayne comes with an extra large strainer basket together with an easily accessible handle which helps in collecting dust. These are durable and rust resistant.

With an increasing number of options to make your pool clear and clean, you can continue to enjoy and have fun in your pool by deciding wisely on which pool pump to install.

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