Sign Marketing Guide For Your Pool Company

by Pool Builders on 06-28-2011 in Articles

Pool companies compete in a very niche market, and customers today are torn between the choice of personal maintenance or paying someone else. Through advertising, you can convey to potential customers that you are qualified and worth the expense. Signage is one of the most-affordable ways to advertise, and it helps build your credibility and reputation. You have several options for pool company signage, including storefront signs (if you have a storefront) and car signs (for your business fleet).

Store Signs

Pool supply companies and pool cleaning businesses are often situated within a busy retail strip. Store window advertisements get the attention of shoppers and draw them into your business. One-way vision, a perforated material which can be seen through from inside the store, is a great product to attract customers. Feature a refreshing swimming pool scene in full-color across your storefront windows. Window clings can be used for new products and/or store promotions as they have no adhesive and are temporary. If you want a small window sign that is more-permanent, use an adhesive vinyl decal.

Vinyl banners are also a great product to use at your storefront location as they are highly-visible. They can be used to promote your grand opening, seasonal specials, and list your business information. Design your banner with a blue water background and bright font to emphasize your message. You might also consider using your banner to hang on your trailer while you are cleaning a pool, so that neighbors will see your contact information and call you.

Car Signs

To advertise on your pool company's fleet of trucks and vans, order a car sign product. Vinyl car decals apply directly to the body of your vehicle and look very professional. You can also add a car window decal to your back window to get the attention of drivers following you in traffic. They are made from the same one-way vision material that you can use on your storefront windows, which means you won't have limited visibility when driving. If your budget is tight, magnetic signs are inexpensive and can be used on your truck doors and tailgate to identify your fleet vehicles.

Successful pool companies have established a reputation of efficiency, competency, and professionalism. Over time you will build this reputation, but using business signage is a great way to jump-start the process. By creating memorable signs that are easy-to-identify, you are imprinting your business in the mind of potential customers. When they need assistance with their pool, you'll be the first company they will call!

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