Simple Pool Maintenance Tips  

by Pool Builders on 09-14-2012 in Articles

Having a pool in the house is quite advantageous. It adds to the ambience of the property, and doubles up as a party venue and even a venue for the family events. However, like every other asset, the homeowner needs to maintain the pool too. The only way to ensure that the pool remains clean is to hire a pool maintenance service, and take some steps that help the maintenance crew keep your pool clean and usable.

The first step that you should take is to install covering for the pool. If you have a good covering, you can keep your pool clear of aerial pollutants like bird droppings, leaves, etc. There are several kinds of pool coverings available, and you would need to research a bit to look which one would be the best option for you. In fact, if you install such a covering, you shield your pool from almost ninety percent of the external pollutants that would make your pool a bad place to be.

Secondly, you should have some pool rules in the house, and make sure that your friends and family adhere to it. For example, one of the strictest rules should be about beverages in the pool. Ensure that nobody is allowed to take beverages or food into the pool that will decrease the amount of pollution that a pool experiences because of spillage and breakage.

You should also ensure that the pool does not have any objects that can be broken and create a mess in the pool. If you have a pool bar, make sure that you keep the objects that can break, like the glasses and bottles in a safe place, so that they do not break and create a mess in the pool.

You should also ensure that you clean the water in the pool on a regular basis. It would not be possible to clean it out every day, but you should at least clean it once in a week or a month, depending on the traffic that your pool sees. Also, try not to clean it just with water, and add some purifying materials. There are several purifying materials available over the counter, and most of them do a good job cleaning the water generally. Along with changing the water, make sure that you vacuum the pool on a weekly basis. Vacuuming the pool will bring down the pollutants drastically in the pool.

These are just some tips that will ensure a cleaner, better pool that does not require a lot of pool maintenance. If you do this, there are chances that the professional pool maintenance services might charge you less. The best way to find information about these maintenance services is the internet. Several of these services have a website, which provide all the information you might want, right from their tariffs to their contact addresses. Another good way of hiring a pool maintenance service is by asking around in your local area what a good pool maintenance service is.

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