Simple Tips For Pool Maintenance  

by Pool Builders on 01-06-2014 in Articles

As a homeowner, having a private place to swim in the comfort of your own backyard is great. You probably also realize that professional pool maintenance is a major expense, and it can often seem to be more costly than it's worth. If you are tired of paying too much money to have pool water cleaned and the area maintained, you might want to think about learning how to do some simple upkeep on your own. Many of these tasks are much easier than you think, and doing them on your own is worth it in the long run.

Owning a net skimmer can really go a long way. Many of the problems that arise in pool maintenance begin with leaves, dead insects, and other debris. The best way to get ahead of these problems is to skim the surface of the pool regularly to eliminate unwanted debris and prevent clogged filters. It's also important to clean out the baskets regularly to keep the water as clean as possible. Simply remove the baskets and shake them out to get rid of dirt and other particles.

Cleaning your filters regularly is another simple way to keep swimming. You need to be sure your water is clean and healthy for swimming, and cleaning out filters is an important component of maintaining clear and clean water. You should also test the water regularly to ensure that it is at the proper pH level, which is usually around 7.5. You can buy a pH testing kit to make sure the pool is maintaining the proper chemical balance. You can also maintain the correct level of chlorine and chemicals on your own easily by simply following the proper instructions.

Maintaining the proper water level is another simple way of performing your own pool maintenance. Throughout the summertime and regular swimming season, water will be lost from swimming, evaporation, and other factors. When you are skimming the surface of the water for debris, check to ensure that the water levels are correct. You can use a hose to bring the water up to the proper levels.

Doing your own pool maintenance is a great way to save some money while maintaining a safe, clean place to swim throughout the season. The way to make sure your pool is in the best possible shape is to perform regular upkeep. This way you'll have a great place to swim for years to come.

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