Simple Tips to Reduce the Costs of Your Pool & Spa

by Pool Builders on 05-25-2007 in Articles

Reducing the energy your pool and spa use is not only wise for your wallet; it's also good for the environment. There are simple things you can do to make your pool and spa more energy efficient without using compromising your comfort and convenience.

78 Degrees is Safe & Efficient

According to the National Swimming Pool Institute and the American Red Cross, the most healthful swimming temperature is 78 degrees. Reduce your thermostat to maintain a constant 78 degree or lower temperature. Not only will this ensure a healthy pool, it will also help you conserve energy.

Customize For Savings

If your pool gets most of its use on weekends, lower your thermostat by at least ten degrees during the week. You can also add fences, shrubs, gazebos and cabanas to protect swimmers from winds and reduce the need for additional pool heat. Also adjust your pool filter so that it runs during off-peak hours. Also, remember to turn off your pool heater when you go on vacation.

Update Your Equipment

Today's pool heaters are much more energy efficient than the heaters made just a few years ago. Over the lifetime of the heater the savings could more than pay for the cost of a new heater.

Inspect Annually

When reopening your pool for a new season, make sure your pump and filter are working properly before adding chemicals to the water.

Replace Your Cartridges

Clogged cartridges put unneeded stress on your pool pump and lower the efficiency of your filter. Replace your filter cartridges before they reduce the quality of your filtration. provides high quality replacement cartridges at the lowest possible prices.

At we don't have the unnecessary expense of a large showroom or unneeded employees and we pass those savings directly to you. We stock hundreds of filters for most pool and spa filter manufacturers so they are shipped quickly from our distribution center and all filters come with a complete warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Your satisfaction is our number one concern and once you become a customer you will see why is the nation's leading supplier of the highest quality pool filter cartridges at deeply discounted prices.

By following these tips you will help reduce the expenses of your pool and spa without sacrificing the quality and comfort you expect.

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