Simple Ways of Getting Your Baby Acclimated to the Water Without Instilling Fear in Him or Her  

by Pool Builders on 10-28-2012 in Articles

A leading challenge in teaching children how to swim is starting too late. Sadly, many parents do not get the brilliant idea to take their children to swimming lessons until they are age three or four. At this age, with no former exposure to water, there will be plenty of protesting, depending on the child. Some children are invincible and easy to teach at any age, but usually it is not that simple. For this reason, parents should start researching baby swimming tips as early as during pregnancy. Studies have shown that children who have been exposed to the water since infancy show a much more promising ability to learn to swim easily.

Carry Your Baby Around in the Pool

One of the best baby swimming tips is to carry your baby in the swimming pool with you often. Anytime you take a dip, bring baby in too. This should be started almost immediately, if it is possible. If you own a pool and it is warm enough, then you are in a great position to do this. However, if you do not have a pool, do try and make at least two to three trips a week to the community pool, and spend about 30 minutes to an hour in the water with you baby. The reason for this is your baby becomes used to water, and when the time comes to learn on his or her own, the event is not so traumatising.

Start Practicing Going Under Water

New babies have a wonderful feature, well perhaps feature isnâEUR(TM)t the most appropriate word to use, but truly, it is like a built-in feature! They can hold their breath for a short period just because of you blowing quite hard into their face. Of course, this will only cause them to catch their breath and stop breathing for a couple of seconds, but it is excellent training for popping the baby under the water very quickly. Now, the downside is that your baby will probably, at some point aspirate a little bit of water, but this will teach him or her not to breathe whilst under the water, eventually. Just use caution and good sense when doing this, as you do not want to scare your baby.

How a Professional Can Help

Babies are inherently dependent on their parents to take them out of any situation, which makes them uncomfortable. This is why some parents are unsuccessful when trying to teach a child anything at all, let alone swimming. It is usually better to let a stranger teach things like this, whilst you stay as far away as possible, and out of babyâEUR(TM)s sight. If you are standing right there, your baby is going to focus on you and reaching for you, of course resulting in an epic fail for the day.

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