Six Benefits of Owning Pool Covers

by Pool Builders on 02-03-2015 in Articles

Whether you have an in-ground or an above-ground pool, you've probably had friends and family members recommend pool covers. If you don't yet have one, you're probably interested in learning what all the fuss is about, especially if you're thinking about investing in one. Is it worth the money?

Here are the top six benefits they can offer.

1. Slow down or eliminate evaporation. Water is changed from a liquid to a gas through evaporation. This has to do with the temperature outside and the amount of moisture in the area. If you live in an area with low humidity, you've probably already noticed a drop in depth due to evaporation. Putting up a barrier can help slow, or even stop, this process.

2. Keep the heat in. We've all heard our mothers and fathers scold us at one time or another after leaving the door open to the cool air for too long. This is the same concept. Whether you have a heating system or you rely on the sun, pool covers can help keep the warmth in. After the sun sets, heat is lost in a way that's similar to evaporation.

3. Save time with less cleaning and maintenance. Obviously, a barrier that prevents leaves and twigs from mucking things up will reduce the amount of debris you have to scoop out. It'll also save your vacuum some of the trouble. This will leave you more time to actually use and enjoy the backyard fun.

4. Use fewer chemicals. Chemicals can be harsh, but they're necessary. You can reduce the amount of red-eye causing chlorine and other chemicals by 35%-60% by using pool covers. This works because you're basically helping to stabilize and isolate the environment, which means it's less vulnerable to outside influences, like contamination, rain, or evaporation.

5. Can help ensure safety. Some varieties of pool covers are sturdy enough to prevent people from falling into the water. While they have to be installed and secured properly to make sure they work, it may be worth it if you have small children or live in a neighborhood that has many children. Even if your yard is secured with a fence, children and pets can sometimes still get in. If you're interested in this variety, you'll want to make sure that you buy a sturdy fiberglass mesh rather than a tarp.

6. Saves money. This one may be the best reason of all. Losing less water to evaporation means that you'll have to use less to keep it full. You'll save on chemicals and heating, too. It could even pay for itself!

Pool covers offer a variety of benefits, which is why they are so highly recommended. If you're new to pool ownership and have been considering one, think about these six reasons to spend the money up front. Doing so will save you the cost of owning one, while also allowing you more time to enjoy swimming with friends and family.

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