Size and Position of Your Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 11-23-2010 in Articles

Size and Placement of Your Pool

The layout of your pool will depend on your budget, available space, and design tastes. All pools are different, so think about what you really want and need in your pool. Decide where you would like the pool to be situated in your yard. Do you want it in full sun, or with some shade? One thing to consider is that the water will warm up in the sun, saving on your energy bills.

Some people want it near the house, while others place their swimming pool in the far corner of the backyard. Make your choice based on the design of your home and what works best for you. Don't forget to leave room for borders, fences, and landscaping around your pool. Do you want the pool to be visible from the street or from your house? Make sure to place the pool where you can have convenient access paths. Take a tape measure out to your backyard, and measure the approximate dimensions of the pool you picture. Keep your pool size proportional to the size of the home. Do you want it to be just one aspect of your yard, or do you want it to be the yard's main feature? Your house can easily look overwhelmed if the pool is too large.

The overall size greatly impacts the final cost of the pool. Many families opt for a pool of about 50 square feet, though of course you may wish for a larger or smaller pool.

Also consider your shape options; they range from round, oval, or rectangular to kidney-shaped or even a custom design in a unique shape. The pool can also embrace a home, seeming to wrap around it or curve towards the home. The shape of pool you choose should be based not only on aesthetic considerations, but also on use. For children, you might want a shallow pool, but for diving you will want one that's much deeper than normal. Rectangular designs are classic, and a good choice if you want to swim laps or play games. These are also less difficult to cover. You can plant vegetation and have your kidney or free-form design blend into the plants to create a natural setting. Pools are usually about three and a half to five feet deep. If you want to have a diving board they need to be deeper. If you have young children you will want to think about having a shallower pool. Choose the design that best fits your lifestyle and aesthetic wishes.

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