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by Pool Builders on 04-14-2010 in Articles

Going to Barbados for a vacation is wonderful especially since it's considered to be one of the most beautiful tropical destinations in existence. This tiny island features countless of accommodations that range from luxury hotels down to apartments that cater to the eager tourists that flock to the island every year. It almost seems that each Barbados small hotel has something unique to offer their guests.

Choosing a Barbados small hotel as lodging for a relaxing stay on the island is not as difficult as before especially with the help of the internet which conveniently provides an endless list of hotels per area with reviews and comments from people who have experienced their services. Criteria vary per individual and usually, amenities are important factors in making that big decision. Not surprisingly, out of all the amenities hotels can offer, swimming pools are by far the most popular consideration.

Some would find it funny that swimming pools are important to others when they're on an island where beaches are everywhere. But the fact of the matter is that these amenities add so much value to an enjoyable experience in the island. Not all people want to soak themselves in salt water 24/7, and nice dip in the pool is a welcome alternative for water activities.

A small hotel or any other kind of hotel in Barbados can be ranked according to the number of swimming pools they have. Another consideration for ranking is the number of pools offered plus the number of rooms per swimming pool. Therefore, a hotel that provides multiple swimming options and smallest predicted crowds is considered to be a top-bill accommodation.

This implies that a guest will have less trouble finding a comfortable spot by the pool if there are more swimming options and more rooms. However, the type of guests attracted to the hotel, the proximity to the beach and the size of the swimming pool/s have considerable impact as well.

Here are some top hotels in this Caribbean country that provide a comfortable number of swimming options for their guests, that is, 3 swimming pools each: (1) Almond Club and Spa; (2) Crystal Cove Hotel; (3) Tamarind Cove Hotel and; (4) Sam Lord's Castle Resort.

There are a lot more hotels to choose from that offer the swimming pool amenity. If one goes online to check on the available hotels in the island, it's easy to find out about their details by clicking on the links provided. Remember that each Barbados small hotel has its own unique ambiance and set of amenities. Looking at their offers in detail will help in the determination of a place's suitability for individual needs and preferences.

Swimming pools are not a person's only criteria in selecting the perfect hotel or resort, so it's important do the necessary research. One can discover a lot of interesting things that can be experienced on the island such as water sports, scuba diving, snorkeling, horseback riding, spa services, children's programs, tours, shopping excursions and so on.

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