Smart Tips to Clean a Commercial Swimming Pool  

by Pool Builders on 08-22-2010 in Articles

Since commercial swimming pools should come with good perception of the establishment from public, the most important thing that needs to be concerned is about keeping the cleanliness of the pools. Besides, it is also important for having moral and ethical responsibility in providing pool users with a healthy and clean environment for swimming. At this time, this article is going to give you excellent tips to clean a commercial swimming pool.

As the first step, you need to clean the swimming pool as the part of everyday maintenance. Actually, there is no special license that required for cleaning a commercial swimming pool. It can be done by a maintenance man or another staff member. The difference is in the frequency of cleaning. If the swimming pool is heavily used, it is required to clean everyday or twice a day.

The second step is to remove any debris in the pool water by using leaf skimmer or long-handled leaf rake on daily basis. This can help you to keep the circulation system of the pool to work well since it prevents debris from clogging up.

The third step is to clean the bottom part of the pool, where the dirt has commonly settled by using heavy duty pool vacuum. For the pool that is used heavily, it should be daily vacuumed in order to maintain its cleanliness. After each use of the pool vacuum, you need to clean the vacuum filter by using filter brush. Or, you can keep on hand a supply of extra filters when you are using the disposable type.

The fourth step that you need to do is to daily clear out the collections baskets in the swimming pool. Some items like trash, leaves, and others commonly end up in the baskets. Thus, you need to clean them for the circulation system in order to get the collection baskets work properly.

The fifth step is to scrub the bottom and the sides of the pool surface by using brushes and commercial pool cleaner. They can work well to remove calcium deposits, algae, and also scum lines.

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