Solar Blankets - A Smart Buy for your Pool   

by Pool Builders on 03-28-2008 in Articles

When it comes to outdoor swimming pools, you have your pool heaters, pool filter, and possibly even some flotation devices for your kids. But do you have solar blankets? Supplies such as the ones mentioned are the ones that you need so that you can make your time at the pool more enjoyable as well. The following are some thoughts and suggestions for the best locations to find the best blankets, in addition to how you can save some of that hard earned money when you purchase these as well as other pool accessories from preferred sources.

How They Work

Solar blankets are an ideal item for families that prefer to swim more often than most, because it gives you the ability to keep the pool open more frequently. How the blanket accomplishes it's main task is to trap heat from the sun as it is draped over your pool, so you are capable of heating the water in a natural manner, and you will be able to swim even in the fall season because the sun will keep the water at a comfortable temperature. Also, typically solar blankets are somewhat less expensive than an elaborate swimming pool heating system.

There are an assortment of different blankets that you can find for your pool, however the quality solar blankets are constructed of resin, which is resistant to water. The blanket should also be equipped with tiny pockets that are designed to trap dirt as well as pollutants that may otherwise get trapped within your pool.

You can also buy blankets that are made from aluminum added to their material; what this accomplishes is the aluminum acts as a heat conductor, so the water is heated faster, and is kept warmer for extended periods of time. This is particularly helpful if you own a smaller size swimming pool, and wish to use it as a makeshift hot tub on certain instances where you simply want to relax and do not necessarily wish to go for a swim.

Added Design Functionality

While the majority of these solar blankets are of a light to medium blue in color (mostly for matching the color of the water) clear diamond colors are reasonably new creation to the solar blanket that might be a better selection if you own a larger pool. The air pockets located inside the blanket are diamond-shaped, as opposed to circular in shape, as in the majority of solar blankets.

What this accomplishes is the process of heat retention is quicker as well as more effective. Hence, you will be able to keep your pool heated including in the months where the weather might be too cold for swimming in other regions.

If, on the other hand, you own a smaller pool, or wish to be certain that your pool is not completely too cold to take a swim in, you might wish to think about buying solar sun rings. They are not as big as solar blankets are, and you might need to buy more than one so that you can cover the pool, however they work with your pool's integrated installed heating system to keep your pool somewhat warmer each day.

If you have a smaller pool, or want to make sure that your pool is not entirely too cold to swim in, you may want to consider purchasing solar sun rings. They are not as large as solar blankets, and you may have to purchase a few in order to cover your pool, but they work with your pool's installed heating system to keep your pool just a little warmer every day.

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