Solar Energy Heating For Swimming Pools

by Pool Builders on 01-24-2009 in Articles

Solar energy is used for several purposes in both domestic and industries. As it cuts down the electricity charges to a minimum, many people are inclined to invest in installing these systems in their homes and offices. Solar energy heating systems occupied some space. Best place to install this system is roof or open space where solar panels could receive good amount of sun radiations.

Most common applications of solar powerheating are warming the water of swimming pools and water pounds of gardens. Solar panels are divided into groups and are interconnected with each other. Batteries are also connected to these solar panels so that excess amount of energy generated can be stored in these batteries. In the regions where sun is not available in its full brightness on many days these batteries come very handy during winter.

Many commercial solar energy heating systems are available in the market which is used for different purposes. Most famous system is connecting the solar power to geysers. Geysers consumes high amount of electricity for heating the water. It is very easy to heat the required water for domestic purposes with the help of solar systems. It does not occupy much space and can be installed in no time. These systems are not expensive also.

In the tropical countries where sun shines in full brightness all through the year this form of energy can be ideal source of electricity as it can meet all the domestic requirements of electricity. When you are using this energy heating you are making your home independent of electricity. This way you can also safe yourself from any power cuts or shortages of electricity.

Researchers are also striving to make cars that use solar energy heating for running these cars. Some models are already in the market which uses solar power for its fuel needs but their speed is not on par with regular cars. There are many home appliances are also coming up which utilize solar energy for their electricity needs like washing machines, tube lights, bulbs etc. solar power batteries and calculators are famous since many years for their utility.

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