Solar Panels For Your Pool

by Pool Builders on 03-31-2009 in Articles

Everyone enjoys a warm swim on cool nights. If you want to install solar panels to heat your pool, you can! The best news is that solar panels that heat water are not that expensive to purchase. You can even build them on your own for less than $100 in materials and in only one weekend. Best of all is that aside from the material and installation costs your fuel bills will disappear.

Before you go buy your materials, you need to take a few things into consideration. How much sunlight will your solar panel system get everyday? Will there be enough sunlight? Is your yard covered with tall trees? Your solar panels may not get enough sunlight for a passive pool heater. An open yard or lot that faces South or west, however, is a great for solar panels to get the sunlight exposure they need throughout the day.

Solar panels used for swimming pools are simple passive collectors made up of plastic coils filled with water and compressed between two sheets of shatter proof glass. As the water is collected in the coils it gets heated by the sun and then pumped into the pool.

Another thing to think about is how much of a difference there is between the air temperature and the temperature you want the pool to be. For example, if you want to heat an outdoor pool to 80 degrees in Toronto during a below-zero winter, it's better to use pool covers and a gas heating system. However, if you want to heat an outdoor pool in Texas to 80 degrees during a 50 degree winter, then a solar heating system is ideal for your pool.

Once you've installed your solar heater it's also important to buy a solar cover or blanket for days when the air outside is colder than you pool's water temperature. Whenever steam rises from your pool it's important to use the pool cover to keep the heat in.

Just remember that solar heating systems for the pool and the house should be kept separate. They don't interact well together and the chlorine and acid in your pool's water is not something you would want to consume regularly in your home.

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