Solar Pool Covers - Friend or Foe?  

by Pool Builders on 09-05-2011 in Articles

Use caution when reading this article because you may start reaping the benefits of going solar, such as saving time, the environment and money. Solar blankets are like the perfect storm when you need to cut heating costs, get more use from your pool and keep debris from getting in your pool. We can help you choose the perfect solar pool cover and not pay too much.

You can find solar pool covers in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as many different materials. Online stores have everything from custom fit, high end covers to generic one-size-fits-all covers. When deciding on a solar pool blanket, make sure you choose a dark cover. This may go against your natural instinct €" after all, you think you would want more of the sun's rays to get in, but really you want the sun to heat the cover and keep the water from evaporating.

There is also debate over whether you need a custom-fit cover or if you can buy a generic cover as long as it fits your pool. The only reason you would need to spend a lot of money on a custom-fit cover is if you are going after the aesthetic appeal of having a perfect looking cover. Otherwise, you can go for one that completely covers your pool. As long as you have a cover that is a good, durable material, you will be fine. In The Swim produces a very good solar pool blanket for the price. You are looking at paying around $100-$150 for a quality cover that will last you a few years. A solar pool cover is really a long term investment. Yes, you have to shell out some money up front, but you are going to save money every month on your energy bills and this will really add up over time. If you already use a pool heater but you do not have a cover, then you are wasting even more money. Would you heat your house but leave the windows open? Well, doing that with your pool is the same thing.

Another must-have is a solar pool reel. This is an inexpensive item that will help you load and unload your cover onto the pool. Imagine trying to take off a heavy vinyl or plastic cover that is covered in water for your large pool all alone. It would be near impossible. Invest in the reel and you will be thanking me. A solar pool cover reel will lengthen the existence of your solar blanket by keeping it in great condition whenever it is not in use. You are looking to increase the amount of time you get in your pool, right? Well then buy a solar pool cover reel so you are not wasting time dealing with a cumbersome solar pool cover.

Going solar is also great way to capitalize on government programs. See what opportunities there are in your area as each state and province have different rules. You may need to do your research and likely have to apply for the rebates on your own, but this is another small step that will make your solar pool cover worth your while.

Listening to these few pointers could save you lots of money on your power bill over the life of your pool. Think of all of the bonus time and cash you can expect if you invest in a solar pool blanket!

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