Solar Pool Heater

by Pool Builders on 02-06-2009 in Articles

A solar pool heater is a great way to begin using solar panels. They are easy to build, economical and provide lots of energy for heat. You can use them with or without a solar pool cover. Renewable energy is at the forefront of many conversations. Government, environmental and even at the kitchen table. For good reason. You can easily produce much (or even all) of your electricity yourself.

Most people who decide to do this quickly find out that it is very expensive to purchase a commercial system and have it placed at their house. Did you know that you can very cheaply build your own solar panels?

It is something that is being done throughout the world today. Supplying electricity to run household appliances, computers, laptops, washer and dryers, even tools. A perfect place to do this is with solar pool heating.

Using a solar pool heater isn't a new idea. They have been around for a long time. The systems aren't much less expensive than one for the house, though. It just costs so much to be able to heat a pool full time. Many people who want to, just don't do it because of the cost. It can easily double your electric bill in the cooler months. Wouldn't it be nice to have a heated pool without the expense?

You can build your own solar pool heating system with the aid of a manual. There are many different ones on the market that will show you how to easily build a solar panel for less than $200. Imagine having a low cost system in place to offset the large expense of heating your swimming pool.

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