Solar Pool Heaters – Saving You Money  

by Pool Builders on 05-01-2012 in Articles

Solar pool heaters are the best cost-friendly solution in keeping your swimming pool warm. At the same time, it helps extend your pool session. Solar pool heaters can save you a lot of money and you get a chance to enjoy your pool a lot longer when you have a swimming pool heater installed.
Swimming in icy cold water is not very ideal and additional heating costs as a result of heating up your pool is not that fun either. One best alternative approach that will make your pool nice and warm without any additional spending is a through it. With the use of the heat coming from the sun, you will be able to achieve the right warmth for your pool,
This heaters are very cost effective and it takes your headache out of the water when you are getting the warmth needed for your pool. So far, this heaters are good for long term use since they make use of the solar panels available. Your current swimming pools pump moves water from the swimming pool to the solar panels where it is then warmed then circulated back to the pool.
Since swimming pool heaters uses the heat from the sun alone to warm your pool, you practically do not have to worry about fuel costs since you will be spending nothing. This is unlike other gas or oil powered pool heaters. Besides the initial set up and yearly winter season costs that come with the traditional swimming pool heaters, it does not maintain any cost.
The SmartPool Sun solar pool heaters are priced at $150. Its solar swimming pool heater is designed for above ground swimming pools that help raise the temperature of your pool by as much as 10 degrees Celsius or more. It makes use of your existing swimming pool pump that circulate water through solar collector ducts then it is heated by the sun then returned back to the pool through the existing fitting. It has the following features:
€ Meant for above ground swimming pool use
€ Dimensions: 2-ft x 20 ft
€ 2 elbows/hose-connector adapters
€ 2 end caps
€ Connector hose for second collector
The Fafco Deluxe above ground solar pool heaters are priced at $222. This heating system is very efficient and durable for extensive use. The above-ground solar panels can raise the temperature of your pool by as much as 10 degrees Celsius or more using the heat coming from the sun. It can also be used simultaneously with a solar blanket. The great thing about such heater is that it does need maintaining and you do not have to worry about paying the bills. The product can give you free heat which works remarkably during the summer. Its other features consist of:
€ A durable product that is super efficient and long-lasting
€ Raises your pool temperature in a short period of time
€ Has a fitted two 2ft x 20ft panels for pools
€ An economical 1-1/2-inch headers
€ Easy set up, which can be mounted on the ground, a rack, or installed on a nearby roof

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