Solar Pool Heaters - Important Facts About This Heating Alternative

by Pool Builders on 08-02-2010 in Articles

Heating your swimming pool will already cost you a lot of money in your monthly electric bills. However, despite the cost, there is nothing much you can do. How can you possibly enjoy a swimming pool without the relaxing water temperature? Good thing that solar pool heaters are on the rise. Today, it is possible for you to heat your pool without relying on your household's electricity. Hence, this act will have no impact in your monthly electric expenses.

However, before you get off your house and shop for solar heaters, it is important that you first know a lot of information about this technology. This is necessary so that you can appreciate this technology and use it for your optimum advantage. So here, check out these must-know facts about solar pool heaters:

• They are better for outdoor pools. The wonders of the solar heaters are better for outdoor pools than indoor ones. Since the outdoor swimming pools have direct contact to the natural rays of the sun, the solar heaters are more effective in heating the outdoor pools' water.

• Always have a backup plan. Do not one hundred percent rely on solar pool heaters for the purpose of heating your pool's water. Always have a backup heating system that will work for this purpose for days when there is little or no sun in your area.

• They are friendly to the environment. The solar heaters do not promote any kind of pollution all throughout the process of heating up your swimming pool. Since it uses natural energy, it is guaranteed friendly to the environment.

• They are expensive at first. Installing solar heaters can cost you a lot of money. However, if you compute the total savings you can get out of using this system, you will find out that you are saving more than their actual installation cost.

• They can be installed by yourself. The good news about solar heaters is that you can install it yourself. Meaning, you can save a lot in installation cost when you do this for your home's pool heaters. There are a lot of DIY kits and installation guides in the market to help you with this purpose.

• They require less maintenance. As compared to other kinds of swimming pool heaters, solar ones do not require a technician service annually. This will only mean a little work for you and lesser cost as well.

Solar pool heaters are indeed great solutions to cover your swimming pool heating needs. Their benefits do not just end in cutting down your electric cost month after month. The facts you have discovered above are enough reasons already to consider getting one for your swimming pool.

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